About the Sport of Orienteering

The sport of Orienteering was developed in the early 20th century by the Scandinavian military to teach land navigation. It has since grown into an international adventure sport. It combines running or walking with map reading. Participants come in all ages and sizes. All you need is a map, compass, and a sense of adventure.

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Overview/Inspirational Videos

I1. Inspirational #1
I2. Inspirational #2
I3. Inspirational #3
I4. Inspirational #4
I5. Inspirational #5

O1. Overview #1
O2. Overview #2
O3. Overview #3
O4. Overview #4

M3. About the Map

D1. Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF)

R2. Guide to Rogaining (longer distance score-orienteering, think landnav with dozens of points given 6, 12 or 24 hours)

Quality Instructional Videos for Orienteering

H1. Registration
H2. Preparing to Start
H3. Starting your course
H4. How to Read the Map
H5. How to Use the Compass  (Example#1  Example#2  Example#3)
H6. How to Find the Control Point
H7. Finishing your course
H8. Route Choice
H9. Increasing speed
H10. Useful Tips

J1. Ten Elements of Orienteering (10min)

More Videos


A1. What is Orienteering
A2. Map Legend & Symbols
A3. Your First Event
A4. Beginner Techniques
A5. Intermediate Techniques
A6. Five Key Skills
A7. Intro for Runners
A8. Recent article

Other Useful Links

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