G-Punch Orienteering (LandNav 2) Updates

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List of Updates:

20210131 - Adjusted Score-O crs info to display time limit not dist; FIT now shows DNF data when activity stopped before finish
20210130 - Fixed Dist/Dir screen so it shows proper Dist/Dir without needing to press any buttons
20210517 - Improved course loading procedure, improved GUI, allow no clues, allow skip point
20210822 - Implementation of Precision, Pace; GP-Loader companion app released!
20210829 - GP-Loader can now run OpenOrienteeringMap coursefiles converted to json
20220320 - G-Punch and GP-Loader working for new Instinct 2 and Descent G devices
20220519 - G-Punch and GP-Loader now read and display MGRS, OSGB, OSI, ITM geo-coordinates!