G-Punch Orienteering (LandNav 2)

ConnectIQ App for Garmin Watches

Version 2.0, 2021-05-17


This awesome app allows you to run GPS-based orienteering or land navigation courses!

For use with a physical map and compass out in the woods. Currently the user has to upload the course data into the app settings, but a download-from-web course launcher app is in the works.

The app presents the user with a clue, either MGRS coordinates, latitude & longitude, or orienteering symbols (depending on the course). The user has to navigate to the controls to complete the activity and win.

When the user navigates to within "visual" distance of a control, the watch beeps/vibrates and an arrow will appear pointing towards the control. The user needs to move closer in order to "arrive" at, and identify the control. In order to "punch" the control and begin the next leg, the user must press the LAP button.

After the user completes the activity, results are shown on the app, and uploaded to Garmin Connect and other linked services such as Attackpoint or Strava depending upon your Garmin account.

G-Punch supports classic (ordered), score-o (random order), and hybrid formats including control "boxes", butterfly controls, as well as dummy controls not-in-play. It also supports score values, time limit, and penalties for finishing over the time limit.

Note: To be honest, GPS/virtual Orienteering is a step down from regular Orienteering / Land Nav. This app was designed to make GPS/virtual Orienteering more life-like and closer to the real thing, knowing it can't replace the real thing.

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***** Thanks to Andreas T, use G-Punch Data Generator to create courses from EPSG-coded IOF-XML files!, as of 2021-07-20

***** Thanks to Colin B, use RouteBuilder.xls to help create courses, as of 2021-02-22

Need help: If you can help translate this document into other languages please email me at "Contact Developer" on the app store page.

For all feedback and questions, click "Contact Developer" on the app store page, and be sure to include your email address for follow-up questions.

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